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Mrs. Stafford

I love coffee, Teddy Roosevelt, a good book, and terrible weather.
I have been at SWE since 2012 and have since made Edgecombe County my permanent home. My husband and I have a little girl who is almost two and a baby boy on the way!

I currently teach Civics and Economics (fall) and World History (spring).
If or when we return to in-person instruction, it will be advised that you bring your own supplies e.g. colored pencils, etc. in order to limit the amount of sanitizing needed between students and class periods. 
I am scheduled to take maternity leave starting September 9th through November 4th. However, online work and daily schedules will continue as planned (although live meets and office hours may be with another history teacher). I have worked hard over the summer to ensure that no student's education is cheapened by my absence. If you have a question or concern and cannot reach me within 24 hours, please email Ms. Ritter (Digital Literacy coach). 
Please check out my Civics and Economics syllabus to the right! >>>